@June 4, 2014, still “processing.”


Sometimes I run my writings by one friend or another who knows my situation, for “tone,” understanding what’s the purpose of the writing. One of these thankfully catches it when I’m “processing” instead of writing to directly address the issue. There is always a lot to process, and the “process” of not doing it where I shouldn’t usually means extracting what I just wrote — and putting it on another post. That’s this post.

However, scroll down past the teal colored font to black, for the original.  It turns out one of the women who signed my Petition (Signature #51) and submitted a brief comment with it,  went through a similar long-term process of seeking justice and protection for her children (a daughter and two? sons) — and fled to Canada, not finding it here in the US. Only to find that it followed her across the border anyhow.

…or read it all, for a discussion of the impact of having to process acts of abuse and betrayal, constantly, on the target’s personal life energies, and time.

Thanks. The dynamics of this situation are changing. It’s my intention it should be for the better, and not for the worse, as I am concerned. And, I am still a mother. What’s it really saying when one married woman without children of her own starts campaigns against those who have given birth and developed (through raising them) a bond with their own children? Which woman does that tell more about?

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@June 1st, 2014, Sunday, Breaking News, Maybe…

[Couldn’t get this one published til early June 4th.]

The last two weeks have been very intense.  Or you’d have seen more updates.

As I’m heading into June 2nd, the issue of housing again comes up (as it does every month).  I have been as adamant as at any other time that my primary need is to get AWAY from my sister and into safe housing, terminating ANY business connection to her whatsoever — but without forfeiting access to funds intended by both our parents for their children, not just 2/3 of their children.

I’m posting today [started Sun 6/1, more on Mon 6/2, posted actually Wed 6/4] particularly because, as tricky as a situation it is, I want this information posted:

 It appears (but I have not had it confirmed properly) that Jean wants to resign from the trust.  However, I haven’t been told this directly, but indirectly, which itself is “IMHO” (in my humble opinion) and indicator of what’s up next IF this situation isn’t handled properly.

On June 1st (Sunday evening) I emailed BOTH Jean and her attorney asking Jean to confirm or deny that she wants to resign and again asking for missing receipts, and disbursement.

I have no answer yet

People without something to hide can actually speak openly.  Here, they won’t.  So, the situation is still marked “volatile” and questionable until it changes.  Signatures are still welcome on that petition!

I will tell parts of this right here, but as I’ve been spending most of my time drafting responses to attorney’s letters and trying to clean up their verbiage (i.e., my writing), and hold down my outrage, I don’t want to compromise confidentiality.

In their short, cleaned-up format, they would tell this more concisely, but I don’t feel comfortable posting letters  marked “Confidential” regarding an ongoing situation.  Also, it doesn’t make sense to write up for the opposing side just which of the various tactics worked the best.  Would you do that in such an adversarial situation?  I may, but not just yet.



But I want all people who signed the petition, or helped publicize it to know, that your doing so has made a difference.  Now the issue is handling the things it stirred up, which I have to face right here at the street level, i.e., locally.

WHO KNOWS, really, what makes the difference?  But when within about one month of a petition going public, there is this degree of change (as never before), I’m going to say, it made the difference.

 So you 55 people (and anyone else who attempted to sign, but didn’t, there seems to have been a few technical issues) — thanks!  Heartfelt!

Now ….

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@May 17th, 2014, Saturday


 Note: this post — started Saturday afternoon ca 2:30pm, but not published til Sunday morning, by which time, more developments, update coming soon.

Yesterday afternoon and evening:

  • I Connected the Petition to this wordpress blog via this update:
  • I Submitted a post and this Petition update to my Facebook page.  Update #2 May 16, 2014

New: See http://JeanPfannUpClose.wordpress.com/ for updates, details, to send feedback, or donate. Barely staving off trauma. Friends can’t help withstand this economic siege. THREE attorneys* vs. ONE woman on food stamps and without income is no fair fight.

[*= my landlord; the atty Jean hired to sanitize this & my other sister Susan Pfann, career attorney at City of Los Angeles (involved in the setup).]*

Keep talking, help me open these closed doors and get Jean OFF, ASAP! Thanks.

This update is my first mention on that site to the involvement of my other sister, Susan Pfann, a southern California Super Attorney (inactive since 2013 I see).  However, she’s definitely been a player in this situation, for years, and is no friend of mine… Throwing people out of their homes on short notice appears to just go with the territory.  She seems to have been in real estate (“sticking up for the little guys”) most of her career in the City Attorney’s Office. (1991 pleading).  See “Quick Family Update” at the bottom of this post.  It should be said sooner or later.  When I referenced “no fair fight” that may explain..


  • Although I’ve not been writing about fiduciary abuse, the family court fiascos on FaceBook, that can change… “It’s complicated” particularly if you throw religion (church/government hookups in re) in the mix.
  • I hadn’t been saying much on Facebook because what had been happening was so awful, year after year.   Still learning the ropes of what a FB post can and can’t do, usually after I post it.  I wouldn’t be on Facebook except for this purpose.

Having received no response from the last (Wed eve) email and facing 3rd weekend in May without resources coming my way from Jean, I worked on another one-page invoice and cover email. It didn’t get done before the workplace closed, and was sent this morning about 10am.  Similar to the one (see last post), it goes..
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@ May 15th, 2014 Thursday

This Blue Jay picture is reminds me of taking flight and being free

This blog is for a landing page from my Public Petition, while continuing fight for for freedom from my sister’s control = for survival.

So I can spend more time promoting the petition, contacting people for help, and basic day-to-day survival.

Look for a link to here from the Petition site today (as I’ve been promising — but wanted this site in some reasonable order first).



This past week:   I continued to set up this blog before linking it to the petition.  There is a Submit Feedback Page, and I added a  short”Petition” page, with the text of it and a brief intro, and some gadgets to follow, promote or understand this better, in the Sidebar. There was also a technical issue or two, and I put up the “Donate” link which will be at the bottom of all updates.

I put time into it to free up time later.  Don’t let how much is up here fool you as to what the situation is like on the street level!  

To live a situation, attempt to resolve it, and document it at the same time is too much.  These are fast updates — but they are not clean and neat.  This post is 1,600+ words and got into expression below the Updates:


UPDATES:  Last 5 Days:

Petition signatures are stable for two days at 52 people (many high-quality signatures).

Status-Quo, Economic Siege Continues.  Jean has not distributed, will not give an account for strange things happening on the account and possibly intends to have May repeat April.  


Survival Situation:  No help ($0.00) received so far in May (first 15 days).  Rent was paid directly and I have been threatened with eviction unless I agree to increased rent.  (see last update).  A friend sent me $15.00 (all he could spare and all I had) that Sunday.

Wednesday May 13th — I  invoiced Jean.  I wrote a single-page INVOICE under my name to the account IN my name, “payable on receipt” for a reasonable amount.  I’m putting it here (the amount is NOYB, and of course the name of any account). I cc’d this to individuals people who are watching my case, including at least one who helped me survive previous months.

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My Public Petition to My Sister

Petition (next link):  The Care2.com petition collects signatures and provides an overview, click “Tell Jean Pfann” link to see.

 Blog: gives updates (posts), and occasionally other background on the topic (on pages).   I added a Submit Feedback form.

Care2.com is a progressive site with 25+million viewers.  They are big on animal rights, environmental, and human rights — often  but not always on the other side of the globe.  I am petitioning for my own life in San Francisco Bay Area and calling this what it is — a public  matter, NOT a private one.

 “Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds Aren’t Her Private Playground” (read first if you haven’t yet), which starts:

Save my Life and Save Tax Dollars!

Sign My Petition telling Jean Pfann to Resign Now!

~ The blue jay is my personal image of taking upward flight and being free ~

I am Anna Victoria Englund. I am sixty-one and the mother of two young adult daughters. I live in SF Bay Area.

And I am afraid for my life.

My life is at ongoing risk from my sister Jean Pfann who controls my housing and has forced me onto food stamps and to beg for nonfoods in 2012, 2013, and 2014.


  • On April 20/21 I published the petition on Care2.com.  I had just gone through another major holiday, Easter (according to schools, many stores, and some religions) without any access to funds for food, transportation, or personal needs during the month of April, from funds in Jean’s control only for that purpose, and felt I was out of other options.   March had been a bad month also.  So was February.  This is not a situation which is improving, or which can be salvaged.  I need OUT.
  • On April 30, 2014, I told Jean of this petition, i.e., that I went public, others outside the immediate area (= out of personal intimidation and “damage control” range) now know.  I took the risk and reported the damages on-line to the general public.
  • Within 48 hours, there was retaliation from two parties Jean has dealt with over time before, re: my affairs, alas.
  • Within one week I have been threatened with eviction by my landlord (a San Diego criminal defense attorney who has been receiving direct payouts from my funds under Jean’s control since summer 2012) if I didn’t sign in advance a substantial agreement to a rent increase – by TOMORROW.  Talk about “under duress”!!!  He knows my situation, the rent is fully paid for this month and if I don’t modify my behavior during that month to help him (if not myself) plan ahead, he’s going to evict?
  • This was NOT good news, but I didn’t really expect anyone involved to stand by and wait while I went public on certain mis-deeds and who got what meanwhile.
  • Another reason why I cannot have this woman around — she has continued to cut deals with my landlords  instead of supporting her sister.  

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