My Public Petition to My Sister

Petition (next link):  The petition collects signatures and provides an overview, click “Tell Jean Pfann” link to see.

 Blog: gives updates (posts), and occasionally other background on the topic (on pages).   I added a Submit Feedback form. is a progressive site with 25+million viewers.  They are big on animal rights, environmental, and human rights — often  but not always on the other side of the globe.  I am petitioning for my own life in San Francisco Bay Area and calling this what it is — a public  matter, NOT a private one.

 “Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds Aren’t Her Private Playground” (read first if you haven’t yet), which starts:

Save my Life and Save Tax Dollars!

Sign My Petition telling Jean Pfann to Resign Now!

~ The blue jay is my personal image of taking upward flight and being free ~

I am Anna Victoria Englund. I am sixty-one and the mother of two young adult daughters. I live in SF Bay Area.

And I am afraid for my life.

My life is at ongoing risk from my sister Jean Pfann who controls my housing and has forced me onto food stamps and to beg for nonfoods in 2012, 2013, and 2014.


  • On April 20/21 I published the petition on  I had just gone through another major holiday, Easter (according to schools, many stores, and some religions) without any access to funds for food, transportation, or personal needs during the month of April, from funds in Jean’s control only for that purpose, and felt I was out of other options.   March had been a bad month also.  So was February.  This is not a situation which is improving, or which can be salvaged.  I need OUT.
  • On April 30, 2014, I told Jean of this petition, i.e., that I went public, others outside the immediate area (= out of personal intimidation and “damage control” range) now know.  I took the risk and reported the damages on-line to the general public.
  • Within 48 hours, there was retaliation from two parties Jean has dealt with over time before, re: my affairs, alas.
  • Within one week I have been threatened with eviction by my landlord (a San Diego criminal defense attorney who has been receiving direct payouts from my funds under Jean’s control since summer 2012) if I didn’t sign in advance a substantial agreement to a rent increase – by TOMORROW.  Talk about “under duress”!!!  He knows my situation, the rent is fully paid for this month and if I don’t modify my behavior during that month to help him (if not myself) plan ahead, he’s going to evict?
  • This was NOT good news, but I didn’t really expect anyone involved to stand by and wait while I went public on certain mis-deeds and who got what meanwhile.
  • Another reason why I cannot have this woman around — she has continued to cut deals with my landlords  instead of supporting her sister.  

  • The day before Mothers’ Day (5/10/2014 eve):

    More disturbing news I learned last night. Several other unknown people or businesses (who, I’ve not been told and can’t see from the records, though I’ve asked to repeatedly) were paid out from my funds throughout APRIL, while no timely help to me, so I don’t have to resort to public assistance, beg, or simply be unable to move without Jean’s direct permission and supervision.

  • Jean did some trading (bought some investments, substantial) with my funds, costing more than 10 times what she was willing to give me.  This is sudden and rare.  I sense she believes this money– AND the California taxpayers — really are her personal playground, a wide playground without chaperones or security guards or any awake ones at least.

I am a (highly) competent adult and being forced to watch my sister make, with not bothering to tell me a thing, strategically lousy business decisions affecting my physical health and possibilities of working to capacity, even at age 61 here is offensive and disturbing. Tell her to go play investment games with her own “toys.”

More of this might be happening as I speak — and until she steps, or is forced, off nothing I can do about it.

  • May 7th I had to take another round of Food Stamps, $189 of taxpayer funds), and continue scrambling for basics.   It’s now May 11th.  I haven’t received any distribution for May — is she on a investment or pay off shopping spree for May also?
  • So how does that feel?  When every Tom, Dick and Harry are getting theirs, at my expense, I was throughout April in anguish and concern daily, resulting in this public petition.  Every Tom, Dick and Harry who has some business OR personal connection with my sister and knows who’s controlling this money shouldn’t be prioritized over my need to eat, to have safe transportation, and to have adequate basic human needs met, and we’re talking basic.  Please Sign My Petition!
  • Are these just payoffs? (Am I a lawyer or an accountant?  No. So, I’m not saying.)  But the timing sure is odd.  And when one is involved in hostile relationships over this many years, major or sudden switch in tactics (or practices) are not to be ignored.  When several people are involved in the (scam, or plan, whatever it is) the coincidence, may be, but often isn’t.  So, I notice.



Well, they come pro bono and not pro bono.  As you may have noticed, I don’t have access to my own funds.  However, Jean Pfann has hired an attorney from them.  Susan Pfann (relative/sister) is an attorney.  And my landlord is a criminal defense attorney.

How’d you like to go on-on-one with three attorneys? And I won’t name which one/s I believe are sociopaths, I mean, compared to other  attorneys.

They also come ethical, and not.  So we shall see what we shall see.  I believe that overall, this is simply extortion, which leads me to believe there’s more than I’m seeing on my own statements to extort others about.



I have asked for 3% of what’s legally mine so I can move, and for Jean Pfann to acknowledge she cannot control me for the rest of my life.  Obviously that news wasn’t received very well.   Please circulate the petition, sign it, and if it’s in your current repertoire (and in good working order), pray!  Thanks.

Tasks like this are a horrible way to spend “Mothers’ Day” for any mother…  This one too.

Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds Aren’t Her Private Playground


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