@ May 15th, 2014 Thursday

This Blue Jay picture is reminds me of taking flight and being free

This blog is for a landing page from my Public Petition, while continuing fight for for freedom from my sister’s control = for survival.

So I can spend more time promoting the petition, contacting people for help, and basic day-to-day survival.

Look for a link to here from the Petition site today (as I’ve been promising — but wanted this site in some reasonable order first).



This past week:   I continued to set up this blog before linking it to the petition.  There is a Submit Feedback Page, and I added a  short”Petition” page, with the text of it and a brief intro, and some gadgets to follow, promote or understand this better, in the Sidebar. There was also a technical issue or two, and I put up the “Donate” link which will be at the bottom of all updates.

I put time into it to free up time later.  Don’t let how much is up here fool you as to what the situation is like on the street level!  

To live a situation, attempt to resolve it, and document it at the same time is too much.  These are fast updates — but they are not clean and neat.  This post is 1,600+ words and got into expression below the Updates:


UPDATES:  Last 5 Days:

Petition signatures are stable for two days at 52 people (many high-quality signatures).

Status-Quo, Economic Siege Continues.  Jean has not distributed, will not give an account for strange things happening on the account and possibly intends to have May repeat April.  


Survival Situation:  No help ($0.00) received so far in May (first 15 days).  Rent was paid directly and I have been threatened with eviction unless I agree to increased rent.  (see last update).  A friend sent me $15.00 (all he could spare and all I had) that Sunday.

Wednesday May 13th — I  invoiced Jean.  I wrote a single-page INVOICE under my name to the account IN my name, “payable on receipt” for a reasonable amount.  I’m putting it here (the amount is NOYB, and of course the name of any account). I cc’d this to individuals people who are watching my case, including at least one who helped me survive previous months.

FYI, she insists on distributing, what help is sent, at a time of a month which is resulting in bi-monthly service shut-offs at home.  Then to get it back on (after week or two of being off), I have to pay extra from my “allowance.”


INVOICE and DEMAND for Electronic “Interested Party” Trust Access May 13, 2014

FROM: Beneficiary Anna Victoria Englund

TO: Trustee Jean L. Pfann (delivered by pdf to email ca. 7:45pm) 

CC: Interested parties.

Jean:I should not have to invoice my trustee. I incorporate by reference my previous urgent requests you resign. My public petition re: this begun April 20th remains up until you do.Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters. Sincerely, Victoria.


MEMO:<> Basic living expenses for May — none received to date.<> Loans outstanding from people who helped supply my basic human, occasional emergency needs while you refused to distribute.1* <> For periodic needs (auto insurance/registr, clothes) <>Funds to begin clearing out the house <> Restore service shut off last week through failure to distribute timely. <>Restore secure mailbox, incl. deposit & any past-due from 4/2013 shutoff and miscellaneous. …

2. DEMAND for Access: Please call [Institution] within 24 hrs. and add me as to the trust as an “interested party” for view-only electronic access so I may see payees on many unidentified checks,  … **


*1 (footnoted):  “1 None of these people feel comfortable invoicing you, but my receipts on repaying them and their invoices will be kept for the record.

**I listed the total spent on others during April, a missing check#, and several questionable checks — and demanded copies of these, by names and amounts. I demanded cancelled checks to match amounts paid my landlord to receipts from the landlord.  I questioned who got a $150 payout on Christmas eve, recurring payments for unknown causes, etc.  All of this was only one page.

This entire situation is ridiculous — invoicing your own sister to obtain something which is due you without having to invoice it?  To show that the paper trail is muddled, and demand to see my own paper trail?  I put the total amount in there on the top of the invoice.  Her normal would be to NOT respond, so now here’s a public reference to that.

I have no response yet — pushing my ability to prepare a move or prepare much at all– into the final week of the month of may.

I want to know what the poverty guidelines are for this area.

Public Policy Institute of California:

Poverty in California (Sarah Bohn and Matt Levin)

“After declining to a 20-year low of 12% in 2006, the official poverty rate in California spiked upward in the wake of the Great Recession:  as of 2011, it was 16.9%.  This amounts to more than six million Californians living in households with incomes below the federal poverty level (about $23,000 for a family of four).  The Census “Supplemental Poverty Measure” which incorporates California’s high cost of living and the effect of safety net program such as food stamps, suggests that California’s poverty rate is even higher – 23.5% during 2009-2011.

MY POVERTY RELATES TO FAMILY VIOLENCE, NOT LACK OF WORK AVAILABLE. (@2011) “Poverty in California 16.9% (PPIC Publication)”


Persons in family/household Poverty guideline
For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,060 for each additional person.
1 $11,670
2 15,730
3 19,790
4 23,850
5 27,910
6 31,970
7 36,030
8 40,090

From a 2014 HHS source


FOR A COMPARISON:  Before this woman and her husband began their campaign against me (in violation of existing court orders and in direct opposition to what I was doing with my life, as a single mother JUST OUT of a violent relationship) — I was with two children in the home, able to still earn (rebooted from almost scratch) sustainable work, from what I recall, at between levels 4 & 5 (for a household of 1, federal guidelines).  This was OK, if I was able to manage the balance and NOT have to take on major issues, such as the ones my family introduced.

By 2007, and through escalations, Jean and Jim with (see “Tribe” listing) had managed to get me down to “Level 1” — the last year I pulled any steady work of $10,000 a year was that year.  In 2008 I became completely unemployed without unemployment coming either –and through and only through the situations incited and set up earlier.  I have NEVER been able to regroup properly, particularly after (see petition) becoming aware that I would be facing Jean again personally, and subject to her control for yet more years.

THE PAYING RENT DIRECTLY GAME:  This “justifies” keeping me physically monitored, financially monitored, and away from funds to move, but under threat (which could be applied at any time) of eviction if I don’t accommodate unreasonable requests — Jean’s speciality.   It also allows her to “justify” keeping me on far less than poverty levels, personally.  And for no good reason. It also puts more bureaucracy between me and my own paper trail, a “Cognitive Dissonance” with reality.

STALLING AND OBSTRUCTING RESOLUTION OF CONFLICT GAME:   This worsens my situation, and strengthens Jean, as I become more desperate month by month.


Others are Receiving Payments at my expense, all different times of the month, for services unknown, while I scrounge.

I received April statements and saw MANY others paid out during April for no tangible services (that I can see) received, which is the only reason to pay anyone.  This stretches back months, and my requests to be given at least VIEWING privileges on my own account are never acknowledged.  (see last update).  It appears she may have paid tax on the account, which responsible management would’ve avoided by distributing it instead to me.  But I’m not sure as I can’t see.

The banking institution has been put on alert to improper payments to unknown people or businesses from my resources, AND to Jean’s refusal to give me permission to view payouts as they happen.  If you know of someone else who ought to be notified, please let me know (Submit Feedback page).  Draining my assets in this context is intentional, and may represent embezzlements or other inappropriate expenses.

ALL of this is designed and effective at keeping my life in suspension (“on hold”) and undermining my independence.

Thank you for continuing to help get signatures, and any other forms of help.




Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations = for Survival, Until I can Access Funds in my Name, Move Away, and safely, this time, Reboot My Work life. Until, I Hope, Jean Pfann Hears the Petition.

Any one who can’t Donate, CAN still: sign, Tweet, Post the petition link to Your Facebook, Your Blog, tell (email) a Friend, tell a stranger, tell your mother, tell your brother: Sign
Victoria Englund’s Petition!. The clock is ticking fast on this urgent petition. There has been retaliation already. Thank you!

More (Expressive):

The people who signed so far are few, but high-quality.  I also am in touch with many people (some of those, but also others) in other states going through tough times — they are being forced bankrupt through one or another social service agency relating to their children.  One person called it a form of population control — who would dare to have kids in this environment?

I do not sleep well, or much (ever!), and put in long days on just this, with little relief.  I can’t go far because that requires funding I don’t have.  I stay in public because I don’t do well isolated.  I have no real social life, and have not been able to have a stable work life for many years, which is part of the issue.

I am absolutely living day to day (or a half day at a time), which is frustrating, because it’s not productive, and because when the situation does not improve, it isn’t stagnant — it’s rapidly getting worse.   I do not like being in the same geographic area with so many individuals who have done this much harm to my family line.  I want to move ASAP — but cannot with my sister in this position, except to duplicate the same situation, elsewhere.


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