@May 17th, 2014, Saturday


 Note: this post — started Saturday afternoon ca 2:30pm, but not published til Sunday morning, by which time, more developments, update coming soon.

Yesterday afternoon and evening:

  • I Connected the Petition to this wordpress blog via this update:
  • I Submitted a post and this Petition update to my Facebook page.  Update #2 May 16, 2014

New: See http://JeanPfannUpClose.wordpress.com/ for updates, details, to send feedback, or donate. Barely staving off trauma. Friends can’t help withstand this economic siege. THREE attorneys* vs. ONE woman on food stamps and without income is no fair fight.

[*= my landlord; the atty Jean hired to sanitize this & my other sister Susan Pfann, career attorney at City of Los Angeles (involved in the setup).]*

Keep talking, help me open these closed doors and get Jean OFF, ASAP! Thanks.

This update is my first mention on that site to the involvement of my other sister, Susan Pfann, a southern California Super Attorney (inactive since 2013 I see).  However, she’s definitely been a player in this situation, for years, and is no friend of mine… Throwing people out of their homes on short notice appears to just go with the territory.  She seems to have been in real estate (“sticking up for the little guys”) most of her career in the City Attorney’s Office. (1991 pleading).  See “Quick Family Update” at the bottom of this post.  It should be said sooner or later.  When I referenced “no fair fight” that may explain..


  • Although I’ve not been writing about fiduciary abuse, the family court fiascos on FaceBook, that can change… “It’s complicated” particularly if you throw religion (church/government hookups in re) in the mix.
  • I hadn’t been saying much on Facebook because what had been happening was so awful, year after year.   Still learning the ropes of what a FB post can and can’t do, usually after I post it.  I wouldn’t be on Facebook except for this purpose.

Having received no response from the last (Wed eve) email and facing 3rd weekend in May without resources coming my way from Jean, I worked on another one-page invoice and cover email. It didn’t get done before the workplace closed, and was sent this morning about 10am.  Similar to the one (see last post), it goes..

I should not have to invoice the trustee on an account FBO me for basic living expenses.


Also, you continue to obstruct my timely access to seeing who else and for what alleged services is being paid* while I remain in distress and on food stamps. I incorporate by reference my previous urgent requests you resign. My public petition re: this begun April 20th remains up until you do or are forced off. *1(Prev. Invoice listed Check#s and Amounts.)

Because of your chronic nonresponse, often illogical and incomplete responses when you send one, because I’m tired of being hungry, without adequate funds for my basic PHYSICAL needs (impacting my health, safety, and all aspects of life), and of severe suffering from your behavior, I’ve updated my “Tell Jean Pfann Welfare Funds are not her Private Playground” Care2.com petition1 directing readers to a blog for regular updates on my safety and your behavior as trustee. Invoice 5/13/2014 header and significant parts are now-on-line, verbatim.

Until you provide electronic viewing access and checks matched to proper receipts (as I requested), I can only assume your overall behavior may be to conceal: improper payments, embezzlement, kickbacks, payoffs, or anything else not in my, the trust’s, or the public’s best interest, and criminal in intent, consistent with your practices before becoming trustee.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.

However, if I receive no significant payment within 24 hours, local or out-of-state media (print, news, &/or talk shows) may contact you for an interview on your purposes behind this cruel and inhumane treatment.You distributed nothing to me by Mothers’ Day weekend. I am going into the THIRD weekend of May without a single cent’s distribution to my bank account. These invoices are for my personal safety. Respect them. ///Victoria Englund.

It is now halfway through the month of May. I have ceased conversing with Jean as I cannot get straight, timely, or honest answers from her to any significant matters. I told her this 4/30 or so, and said you can communicate by my bank account (keeping in mind that she’s controlling funds designated for me, not for herself, or for behavioral modification of younger sister purposes). Every time there’s a falsehood, diversion, or reframing on emails rec’d, I get another administrative task — setting the paper trail straight, dealing with the PTSD, etc. It’s a really bad traumatic bond — so I decided to focus instead on the publicity, and seeking intervention.

That doesn’t mean I won’t continue demanding what I believe is rightfully mine and which I need from time to time.

[THIS BOILERPLATE TEXT will be at the bottom of every Update Post.]

Thank you for continuing to find signers for this petition, or using the publication buttons following any post (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, “Press This” if you’re a wordpress blogger).Also if anyone has any bright ideas about the situation which don’t entail, “go knock on another social service door” or “find a lawyer,” I’m all ears.

(Four or five clicks of even $5.00 each would make my day, any day, if you are able. Help me get away from Jean Pfann, to a safer place, and out of help-seeking mode!!)

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations = for Survival, Until I can Access Funds in my Name, Move Away, and safely, this time, Reboot My Work life. Until, I Hope, Jean Pfann Hears the Petition.

Any one who can’t Donate, CAN still: sign, Tweet, Post the petition link to Your Facebook, Your Blog, tell (email) a Friend, tell a stranger, tell your mother, tell your brother: Sign
Victoria Englund’s Petition!. The clock is ticking fast on this urgent petition. There has been retaliation already. Thank you!

[END, “Boilerplate” text].

[“QUICK FAMILY UPDATE” on the other Pfann sister’s role here.  This is not fun to write, but try to notice the chronology, the dates.  I’m in some emotional pain today (Sunday 5/18/2014 addition), it will show.  But I don’t believe there are inaccuracies or falsehoods in any of this below:]
[Quick Family Update:] For my middle sister, I appear to be an annoying gnat, at best.  In 2010, Susan Pfann participated in distributing my inheritance to Jean’s control,as apparently planned many years earlier.  This information was sprung on me after our mother died, and not before.  I also consider it a little suspect, in the long-term context.

Neither sister is incapable of long-term strategic planning and one of them, not acting alone, has proved this before, in eliminating systematically one after another POSITIVE work and life situations I’d set up without either one’s involvement.  This is done through harassment, or aggressions or “incidents” very badly timed — like during a household move, or any sensitive transition, almost.  Around holidays.  It is rarely just one or the other in isolation, but usually at least two, sometimes three individuals who have been involved.  

I have counted in all six adults allied in the situation involving my daughters; that doesn’t count our frail elderly mother while still alive, any of the family courts in two counties, the child support agencies, or landlords, or various churches, who DID play a role (not a nice one, for sure). Susan and Jean, to the best of my knowledge, and with their spouses, are atheists.  I am not, but I think I’ve been permanently cured of the idea of attending a religious house of worship, or hanging out with people who do (there are maybe two exceptions, with highly extenuating circumstances!!).  

 In April, 2006, both my sisters together participated in selling our frail, elderly, and widowed mothers’ Pasadena, California out from underneath her (against her will, and without advance notice to me, one of the three daughters, it was a real rush job), sticking her in a place called “The Terraces at Park Marino,” and attempting to cut off my communications her.

 This having been five years (ca. 2001) after Jean and Jim’s involvement in, in my opinion (and I qualify that AS opinion), setting the stage for control of my housing, then going after the restraining order (as I went to renew it, it was bounced to another court system, without warning to me) [fall 2002-summer 2003], then, with that restraint removed, and my weekly dealings with them, the situation was “worked,” but apparently I wasn’t losing jobs fast enough for someone’s satisfaction, so one night in 2006 the children (adolescents by then) were grabbed, illegally and immorally, overnight.   Having then gone after our daughters (he gets out of child support, or a good chunk of it after running up an arrears, first,) and after getting my daughters, they were schlepped into a third party NONrelative’s home, who maintained a closer relationship, in years since, with apparently my sister and brother in law (long-term NORTHERN California residents and homeowners, where as Susan was in Los Angeles, SOUTHERN area, obviously… It’s a long coastal state….)…than the man she so loved (the father of my daughters, a.k.a., we were married, and her participation was facilitating some “wins” in the divorce arena) … than I ever did.

Somewhere in the middle of this my mother was involved in setting up the “trust” which handed control of my future to my sister on a silver platter, indefinitely.   What would you do if you lived in one half of a very long state, were an elderly widow with health problems, and had to deal daily for support and assistance with (Susan and her family, the Walshes)…. and periodically the other daughter who, not being herself involved in the family court system, or a parent, had the time and resources to advise Mom how their sister (now intentionally “husbandless”) should be handled?

While it’s not narrated here, during this time (2001-2006) I was indeed working, a lot and gradually realizing with horror I’d better prepare to transition out of the field I was in, as it wasn’t sustainable without some form of protection in place, i.e., a restraining order, one that would actually be enforced.  [I’ve since come to call them “certifiably insane restraining orders” because they are enforceable, often by discretion of responding officers, who generally have something better to do..

In August, 2006, and with Jean in particular, but also Susan’s tacit approval, my two daughters living 13 and 14 years (respectively) with me, and having never before been separated more than two weeks from either parent, had an overnight and illegal, and permanent til they turned 18 household change to their father’s girlfriend’s home, kickstarting a series of court hearings which eventually destroyed my work life at the time.  … I began with my not knowing (Jean did but wouldn’t tell) for some weeks where they were, being held truant from the school they’d just enrolled in while being accused of NOT being enrolled in any school (a situation I never got to address in court afterwards), and this was done on a working weekend for me.  An attempt was made to simply put my kids STRAIGHT into foster care based on the family disagreement; I finally gave up and said, no, let’s straighten it out in family court.   (“Famous Last Words”…)

In June, July, August, 2007, with an utterly callous indifference to my, or my daughters’ complete elimination of one parent from their lives (a move which also immediately robbed them of child support, which at the time was $10,000 in arrears), and having disrupted their housing, all social relationships, and schooling (AGAIN), Jean Pfann got her name on one of my mother’s bank accounts and demanded that everything come through her. She attempted to get me out of my housing (this seems to be a family specialty…..).   I had had six court hearings in one year, mostly attempting to regain contact with my daughters, and was in a year-long state of shock.  As were some of my friends, colleagues (people I worked alongside) and as to clients, I lost work, and with it the referral work:  

My sister (Jean) and husband made sure not to show up at any of these hearings, and I never saw my daughters, basically, for another major holiday, or summer vacation, or weekend AGAIN — with a very, very few exceptions. At times I would hope to (per court order) only to later find out someone had flown, driven, or otherwise, removed my daughters (still minors) from the SF Bay Area — and on more than one occasion, down to Susan’s home. TWICE, they were driven down to Mexico! (I wasn’t informed til afterwards).  One might have though this schlepping of my kids around would be done by their father, or his girlfriend — but in fact, it was often by Jean and Jim, I learned, and apparently a few times, by some church group the father’s girlfriend was involved in.  In short, my relatives had decided to take over “parenting” so-called (without being actual legal guardians) of my daughters while attempting to finish me off up in Northern California.

She was by 2007 on record (on the court record) as an opposing party in custody AND restraining order renewal proceedings (2002/2003), as an opposing individual (showing up in court) on my second attempt to gain a restraining order (Fall, 2005, defeated). At this time, Jean even wrote a private “Dear Judge” letter for my ex (I was never served it, but obtained it later) attempting to influence that judge at the time!  It’s full of falsehoods, I was never given an opportunity to respond to, and is a character assassination, attempting to establish herself and her husband as credible interested parties.  It was not signed under penalty of perjury, either (good thing)… In August, 2007, when I was again at risk of losing my housing because — and ONLY because — of these recent events, Jean was in fine form, and I was beginning to experience the family equivalent of “battered women’s syndrome” from this situation.    

From what I can tell, Jean has very serious issues with other people/s mother/daughter relationships, and attempts to continue to stick HER face in MY face over these matters. Jean also had an issue with my maintaining a relationship with our own mother in her failing years, and likely the stress of all this warfare (and/or some things I’m not reporting here today) shortened those years, too.  There are also a few more years of this history I’m not putting in, i.e., 2008 through my mother’s death in 2010.  If you understand the basic concept “SOCIOPATH” — that is the quickest summary I can think of.  Or, “Mafia.” TBA — how the father continued to stalk me periodically (even after having successfully eliminated mother/daughter contact, or any significant contact, including telephone, including anything actually court ordered…).   And how I learned in September 2009 (when one daughter turned 18 — but from the father’s girlfriend, NOT my family and not the father) that he’d abandoned our kids about a year earlier.  Needless to say, I hit the roof, and was promptly stalked again, badly so, for re-asserting that no, I was not taking him back (just because he’d been jilted), but I WAS going to get my younger daughter back.  I also informed our mother at the time that she, and I, had been defrauded in this matter, which was true.  Before the year was out, she was gone.  

See title of this post.  JEAN is HOSTILE to me personally and to the common good, and that is an understatement.  If the word hostile doesn’t adequately describe it, an alternate version is, there is an absence of the proper human emotion of identifying and caring for other (ADULT) human beings and considering them equals by virtue of their humanity.  Some would call this an absence of love, the deeper commitment kind. Maybe it’s a spiritual quality (I’m not the judge on that one).   There is indeed a commitment here, but it’s not the kind of “love” that has a center based on “do no evil” and actually not doing it.

As to our family and in this context, now, me:  The pretense of neutrality is a fraud, it is a complete charade. It is highly offensive to reason and to me.    

When I said, “peaceably working in my community” in the petition – I was.  There was NO peace with this dynamic duo involved in issues which, probably, my ex and I might otherwise (maybe not, but we stood a chance) have figured out on our own — how to co-parent in two households.  Susan probably won’t be happy about this publicity either.




Susan and I had somewhat cordial social relations (i.e., periodic visits on a holiday, or a summer outing for Susan’s family) as two mothers of two daughters (each) until — and only until — I stood up to my husband for abuse, and after, Jean and her spouse on a single matter ca. 2001/2002. The “cordial” switch flipped off, and has stayed off ever since. I have never re-gained much respect for “Super Attorney” status, but possibly a better understanding of its meaning.  Susan is also married to another, I believe, career government attorney also in the City of Los Angeles Attorney’s Office, Arthur Walsh.  Their collective handling of my daughters’, our mother in the last years of her life, of my life, some of my significant property also, has been unconscionable.  In my opinion, Susan is a bully, apparently proud of it, honesty is not among her long-suits, deals with mere mortals through third parties. I feel sorry for her daughters, my affluent nieces who were ALSO bystanders and witnesses of some of these things.  The clan has learned NOT to speak up when immediate family members are harmed, and those who do, become an example to the rest.  [FN1]

(Very miscellaneous google search results, don’t read too much into them..My sister is a career “public servant” and has spent that career in the halls of power, defending the City of Los Angeles (not one of the most reputable places around) when it is sued or challenged on, particularly, real estate issues, whether environmental, or otherwise.  In this matter, the taxpayers rarely win, “the House” nearly always wins.].

[FN1] [Wonder what this civil rights case filed last March, with my other sister Susan Pfann named as first Defendant, probably from her employment with the City, is about..  Here, Mr. Kinney and his plaintiff (both, attorneys) were vexatious litigants?  Appeal to the US Supreme Court (Certiorari) denied? Cute, in 2008, it was about fences, and neighbors]


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