About This Blog/My Public Petition to My Sister

This blog started on Mothers’ Day May 11, 2014  for progress updates to  My Public Care2.com Petition to My Sister.  

My goal is clear — she needs to remove herself from control of funds I need to live on, to move with, and to simply handle the basics of life, and good riddance!  


What Jean is attempting to do as we speak — keep me literally housed, but hostage: without resources to work, to choose my own housing without her approval, to engage in small OR large business relationships without interference, to prioritize my own needs.

First post shows that almost the first thing which happened after my sister was made aware of this petition (April 30) and again demanded she disburse funds to me at the same time as to the landlord, was further aggressions.  I am under threat of eviction if I don’t subscribe to a significant rent increase. (See posts).

It’s May 13th (Page update) and not one cent has been distributed to me since May 1st.  I am hungry; I cannot just go buy a meal, or anything much else; I do not have funds apart from asking others, for almost anything — and not sleeping well at all.  

Food, transportation, communications, clothing, anything regarding health (i.e., medical, health insurance), vehicle or gas to put in it, registration or insurance, or anything allowing normal participation with others — or with my own daughters —  things working individuals would provide themselves, or balance themselves — is either off-limits, or strictly by permission.

See petition.   I think that sends a message…..no funds any living expenses starting in November, 2012!


The petition is up for six months, but Care2.com allows only 3 updates in the six months (so far) it’s going to be up there for.  I am in a precarious situation because of long-term dealings with Jean, and her actions which have kept me onto survival mode, needlessly, and on public assistance, needlessly, over some years now.

Normal support systems were systematically eliminated, after being stressed for years through the “Up Close and Hostile” unwarranted intrusion into my personal space.

Jean and spouse did this initially through our elderly mother, through the father of my children, and at all points possible influencing cash flow and maintaining through this, control of my housing.



Having a link on the petition to this blog lets me update more often. I’m going to link to it in Update #2 to the petition later today. I am in distress, I feel I am in danger, and I have no immediate connection to any family member.  The public, and long-term, friends of mine are also subjected to this stress.  I am also being held in debt, at risk from having to ask others for help, and unable to work properly without resolution of some of these issues.

I will not be proofing, spell-checking, or spending too long on these updates; they may be in rough shape.  Spending too long exposed to what is a serious hazard to my well-being and survival is not good psychologically.


Of the few on-line signatures so far, I know several. Some are in similar, or far worse situations (i.e., no permanent home) than mine and have also gone public in other states.  Some run nonprofits to address failures of the justice system regarding people like me, or our children.  Some are high-profile in their local communities because of family strife (larger scale operations than mine here). At least one is a watchdog/reports on elder abuse, similar to what I’m experiencing (not being quite “elder” yet — I’m 61).  And one, I heard, has media contacts.

The public petition allows only 3 updates in the six months (so far) it’s going to be on-line.  The purpose of my blog is to allow more frequent updates (I’ll post a link to here sometime today).

This “About This Blog/My Public Petition” Page here was written on Mothers Day and one day after, 2014.  Yes, I’ve ranged into expression, emotion, and opinion. So be it, it also helps counter the feeling of being isolated and marginalized.  Read that petition — “Typical Tactics” — and understand that there was a deliberate undermining of not just relationships, but also of economic independence.  I call it “economic assault and battery.”

During years of seeking outside intervention, I also came to learn that the agencies are more into their grants, conferences, and the more sanitized version of “intervention” called “technical assistance and training” (I call it “indoctrination and marketing”) than actually admitting where the problems are, and fixing them.

So, if you have a question, how come I didn’t overcome, or just  either “work it out” with my hostile and dangerous sister, or “go get some help, isn’t that what we pay taxes for?” …. most people do not know until they (or a friend or relative) has  to rely on them, how these government social services, or justice (courts, police, etc.) systems work.  I found out that in almost all my times of need, except for some reason, issuing regular monthly food stamps, they are utterly unpredictable and unreliable.

As you can see from that link above (which is from a national domestic violence agency taking public and private funds, sliding scale, also — off of state coalitions taking public and private funds). They know exactly how women, and men, are economically assaulted and pushed onto welfare — and make a living talking about it.  So, I just posted that link for people who may not know yet.


Passive/Aggressive = Aggressive because it’s about Control

I have been dealing with the “hostile” aspect of my sister and her husband (they are a pair, although Jean legally is in front, being my sister) for too many years.   “Hostile” is  not always aggressive, the alternating combination of Passive/Aggressive is still an attempt to control, which considered as a whole (something no controller wants targets, or bystanders to understand) – it’s devastating in part because it’s so deceptive — it masks the truth.

When I say I am at risk — if you look at a single fragment, or snapshot of my life, it may not be apparent.  But I am talking the whole situation, and the history of the situation.  I am telling the truth when I say, this status quo with Jean Pfann having any influence on me (Victoria Englund, by the way) I’m not just at risk, but in danger and so are my daughters — because of this relationship Jean has with funds intended for me — which I have warned them, although one I see has  already figured it out.


This blog exists and will probably stay up only long enough to help my Public Petition request:  to quickly get a very dangerous person to me and my two young-adult daughters, Jean Pfann, with any and all of her cronies associates (including her husband) with their strange beliefs and inhumane practices, far away from me, and KEEP it that way.

Her chokehold on funds in my name needs to be loosened so I can survive and move, not just flee, and start up somewhere safer, without this time, resorting to public assistance for anything.

I’m not trying to construct a long-standing advocacy essay in social media; I want this situation resolved, I need access to finances in order to move AWAY from Jean’s knowledge or control of any landlord relationship.  I also see that my sister, who is hostile in this matter, does NOT want it resolved; the situation (other than my reporting) clearly suits her just find.  THAT’s what has to change — fast.

But By Going Public to Stay Alive, I also:

I want the public to admit (see, recognize, become aware) that none of us really know how much public assistance is used, or how often when small groups and gangs of middle-aged, middle- and upper-middle class, college-educated, arrogant, childless, often white, Baby-Boomers like Jean Pfann, Jim Morgan and a few other individuals simply want to control and/or steal something that these one-time solvent working people either had (children), or had coming  (resources their own parents had set aside because that’s what good parents do).  Sometimes people of this charaacter also like help hasten the elderly parents’ deaths too, for which a little extra, or inappropriate, Rx and a whole lot of extra, unnecessary stress, seems to be the prescription. Don’t take my word for it — check among your acquaintances, or call up some of the agencies or organizations intended to defend elders from financial fraud or simply, abuse.

And for that there are also institutions that deal out, say, Zoloft(r), Haldol(r), etc.   Old people cooped up can get out of hand, or notice too many things..

This can happen to people who DO have something to live on, or who do NOT have something to live on. Elderly women (we tend to live longer) can be targeted, in other words, for personal takeover because we are not poor, or because we are poor.

I am 61.  Read between the lines another reason I want “JnJ” far away.  I saw how my own mother was handled during the final decade of her life. This situation – which I know, and I’m sure my sister is quite well aware also — has me strung up between not being elderly (which might free up resources for protection against her) and not being a “dependent elder” or incompetent, just being treated like one. I think it is a very sad day in America when competence and independence is a health risk and no one has figured out how to stand up to neighborhood (including family) bullies.

Such people are players, constantly accusing others of being players in advance of their major takedowns, which is an indicator.  Another is chronic cruelty and dishonesty. These things can’t be seen in single glances. If no one pays attention over time, this is just invisible.  It’s seen and judged or dismissed incident by incident to the bystanders, but for the person UP CLOSE, it’s nothing of the sort – it’s a condition whose pattern you either notice, or if you don’t, take the consequences.

Another indicator: Lack of true respect for normal boundaries and utter disrespect for, in any given situation, the law.  It’s blood-chilling up close, but I think such people are a cold-blooded, self-selecting breed. (Perhaps humanity is essentially split in a codependent, symbiotic relationship into: tolerates sociopaths, and sociopaths?)

They set and spring traps — and in this case the first trap Jim Morgan and Jean Pfann sprang on me after first, privately setting it up through a third party, was housing.  It was in a moment of household transition, when my mind was on my own business. That’s why I said above “middle-aged, childless adults.” To have children, and be a decent parent, one is paying attention to them, and planning for their futures, balancing it with the now.  It is strategic long-term planning involving a lot of people every step of the way, understanding there’s an element of “go with the flow” involved year by year. But it IS planning. People fully involved in this, and their own communities in a good way (it’s called  “working“), are not generally sitting around suspicious of people on the fringes of their lives (which my sister and brother in law were at that time) and what they might be planning.

Perhaps NOT being paranoid, and feeling alive and healthy, maybe a little established, makes us fair game — who knows? – – – – – – – – We are now one dozen or more years later, and I’ve been standing up as well as anyone could — the entire time — and cannot do it alone any more.  It’s simply gut-sickening to see in action, and there is a business plan involved here.  It’s just not a moral or legal one, or in my or my daughters’ or the public’s  best interests.

Unfortunately, the price Jean Pfann seems to want for me to leave HER or HERE is to abandon all hope of accessing the funds I, literally, need to move with — if she’s not in control of them.  She, with the help of spouse and as the petition notes, a few others, has taken significant measures to ensure I can’t. – – – – – – – – – The petition is to access the funds in my name which Jean Pfann has been hoarding (systematically withholding to the point  — well  from me). Please click and read petition summary  (2 short pages) and actual petition (2 short pages)  before reading this page. THE PETITION:Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds Aren’t Her Private Playground” exposes over a decade of Jean Pfann, her spouse Jim Morgan’s economic and terroristic, privacy-invading unwanted ongoing dealings with me, ONE mother with TWO daughters, to the point Jean eventually gained control of funds set apart by both my parents (our mother died in 2010, father in 1982) so I would NOT have to beg,  and forcing the public (public assistance) and others pick up the slack.

Our father did not live to see any of his granddaughters, of even his daughters married (we all married somewhat late).  Our mother lived to see several granddaughters (all girls) and me their mother going through hell for setting proper legal boundaries with the two older sisters (Pfanns). Only to find (belatedly) they had planned further ahead than I realized, to continue bullying and, I fell this word applies, long-term extortion, with the goal of eliminating what stood between them, and what in a just world, or better family, would be my inheritance. Namely, a functional me, and my two daughters, and at several points, laws in place to protect people in our situations.

CONTENT: My petition is not slander– it is facts, and an extremely restrained presentation of them, too.  It’s my God-awful truth, a daily reality. I am fighting for my life, and to stay alive long enough for this truth to be told.  I hate bullies, hypocrites and liars.  I hate thieves, and I hate dishonest manipulative individuals who assume that everyone else is so like them inside, they can’t trust honest people with other things to do in THEIR lives than:  bully, lie, and play-act concern for others. You might too after realizing what well-placed, low-life, ill-timed lies and insinuations can do to your children and your prospects of growing old healthy WITH roof WITHOUT abuse. So, if this sounds personal — it wouldn’t be personal if the qualities of bullying, lying, and thieving, and hypocrisy about it weren’t involved.  And in this country, it’s still easier to get away with that if you’re an immediate family member.  And that is the polar opposite of what families ought to be, which makes it hurt worse, the ongoing outrage and cold-hearted betrayals. It’s the knowledge you are dealing with an individual (or, typically, groups of them) that are beyond the norm, “above the law,” and presumably god-like in innate superiority — and proud of it, too.  In an average exchange, the underlying dialogue is about dominance — and never anything less.  They GIVE orders and any attempt to have their orders they have no right to give modified, or altered to even the balance some, is treated as treason. I’m calling this “Jean Pfann Up Close”  because this is the Up Close person I’ve had to deal with year after year, and all that temperament that comes with her, and hers. I’m 61 ,and I was tired of it when I was 51.




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