Petition: What Your Signature Tells My Sister

This is the petition I published.  On the link, underneath a bar showing how many signed, and above the image of a bird, are two links:  1, Overview, 2, “Petition.”  You will also see “Update #1” (April 29th).  

I’m about to put out “Update #2” which will link to this blog — because after that only one more “Update” is possible. That should free up time and energy (and cut down on the PTSD from having to re-tell this each time I ask for help, or intervention, meanwhile.

Thanks for your time reading, any signatures you obtain, any help (there is a Donate Button) you can do on my behalf and on behalf of others in this situation.

The petition is under 600 words, if you don’t count the references to recent news about Food Stamps cuts, and how many people locally are on them. These are reasonable requests.

Jean hasn’t yet heard (to the point of responding by change in my favor) and shows zero signs of hearing in the near future.  (for Updates, see “Posts.”  This is a “Page”).

It has been a long-term siege on my personal sources of income, which in non-hostile times (or situations) were going towards  food, housing, daily transportation, some clothing, and most critical — raising my daughters who were living with me.  This was never, ever a “live and let live” situation, but was portrayed as one year after year.  No matter what damages were done, how many jobs were lost during incidents involving the situation set up, perpetuated, and presided over (at times from the sidelines, at times from right in the courts, at times through other relatives, at times “in my face” communications) — Jean and spouse continued to portray themselves as good people helping me, and myself as a bad and ungrateful woman.

These characterizations were extreme abuse in the situation.  They did not stop for long even as, during, and immediately after my mother was dying (in her 80s), not even for a week.  After her death (while one daughter was still under 18), I learned what my sisters knew years earlier, it would seem — that they would be able to continue this control until one of us died first.   And apparently that may have been in their sights over one decade ago, and my actual functionality and being a separate human being from this clan, was putting control of my (not just their) inheritance at risk.

It’s not enough to be a moral, ethical person, to sustain a work life, and to refrain from criminal activity towards others.  It sure wasn’t for me.

We are in times where more people have to stand up to bullies who get along a little too well with the criminal element in government. Leadership is needed and each person would do well to re-evaluate their opinion of themselves as a “good moral person who keeps his/her nose out of family conflict and criminal matters.’

Your nose is NOT out of this if you are a U.S. citizen!  You’re helping fund it and once that tribute’s in, probably expecting those who received it to act responsibly.  They aren’t, which lets people like Jean Pfann (and spouse, et al.) do what they will with others, and they don’t tend to pick on people who are in any position to stand up to them.

If you haven’t yet, please choose now  (on the site, or in some other form of help — see sidebar) which you’d rather to see — refusing to make a choice is a choice.  Thanks.

If you refuse, remember me and that you’re helping fund unchecked family violence (in addition to the DV cartel) when you see your next paycheck and its deduction for any taxes, or if you file a tax return and have paid up.  Federal taxpayers contribute to public assistance in any state. Sign my petition and get a thank you email with links proving this, and where to find out more about it, specific $$ amounts for specific state.  Maybe take a look, see where your taxes went, learn something new (most people don’t check that source).

This Blue Jay picture is reminds me of taking flight and being free

Dear Ms. Pfann:

Looks like someone nearby is wanting to fly far away from you.

I just signed a public petition on (25+ million members) from your sister Victoria, “Tell Jean Pfann, Welfare Funds aren’t her Private Playground.”   Which they aren’t.

By signing, I agree you should:

Resign RIGHT NOW from controlling the funds that would help Victoria get away from you and return to a functional working life in a safe location.  And distribute 3% of her funds RIGHT NOW so she can quit food stamps and move.  Away from you and your ongoing control and interferences.   Get a life — and give hers back.

And commit to work out these details with your sister, RIGHT NOW.  


I do/do not know Victoria personally but   _ _ _ _[finish sentence].

I am/am not a mother or father. _ _ _ _  but [finish sentence].

But why should she have to call out for help on a public petition site?  Why should she have to beg — is there some point you’re trying to prove here?  Why should California and all US taxpayers support your personal, private agenda to hurt your sister?

What kind of adult can’t take a clear “No!” and “Go!” from another human being with responsibilities to her children, her landlords, her employers, her clients, and her community and other not-Jean-Pfann individuals, like the U.S. taxpayers?

Victoria is a mother (and it looks like you aren’t).  She has raised a family, she has obviously worked, and she can plan a budget — but not with you.  She can live and work — but apparently not within range of you.   She can manage her own cash flow –but obviously not with you on the “planning and authorization” committee.  Not around you.

Do you think food stamps are fun, and people just volunteer to be dependent on them?  Or playing games to force others onto them is amusing?

I don’t.  I’m not at all amused.

You will be receiving many more letters like mine within the several months. We all hope to hear that you will see the light in this matter.

This petition sheds some light on exactly where I stand.  Food Stamps are for people without family resources**.  By standing between Victoria and those her own resources you are stealing from poor people and the public whose taxes fund programs so they don’t have to starve or be homeless. Stop it.

RIGHT NOW: Distribute 3% then resign.  Work out the details with Victoria.  We’ll check back.

Grow up!   Shame on you — not your sister.


[Your name] [from:_ _ _ _ _]

**Food Stamps Cuts hitting Millions of Californians Friday (San Jose Mercury News, Oct. 31, 2013.  By Jasmine Brown, California News Service)

“WASHINGTON — More than four million Californians — including roughly a quarter of a million people in the Bay Area — will see cuts in their food stamp benefits starting Friday when a boost included in the 2009 stimulus package expires.

The cuts mean a family of four will receive $632, or $36 less per month in federal food assistance, even as California food costs rise. That is the equivalent of losing roughly 21 individual meals per month based on calculations used by the Department of Agriculture.


As many as one in nine California families receive food benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program — known as CalFresh in this state — including 51,000 households in Santa Clara County, 14,000 in San Mateo County, 33,000 in Contra Costa and 62,000 in Alameda County….”

[end of petition.]

As you can see, I am asking my sister to cut out her extortion, get off funds set aside for me, in my name  and for my benefit, and which I need and deserve, in order to put some serious and I hope permanent space between us.  This woman helped an ex-batterer obtain control of my daughters, and thereafter covered it up (as she’d stood by a full decade almost, for the abuse) when he later abandoned them to his ex-girlfriend, a woman about my age with at least two prior failed marriages before she picked up my ex at some church group.  

All involved have a mutual interest in covering this abominable track record, and getting rid of, or attempting to discredit their prime witnesses — me, and my two daughters.

This blog deals primarily with Jean only because she is the one who has obtained control of a bank account in my name.

She has been mis-managing it to keep me in poverty (while housed), and from getting away, or getting back into healthy relationships with others, let alone with my own daughters (now in their early 20s).  She also as of April 2014 I see has been paying (off) several others, who is unknown, while withholding from me timely funds for basic human needs, and refusing to resolve all outstanding conflicts.

My cause is JUST and the situation BAD because it’s been going on for so long.  It is affecting my physical health through ongoing stress, and through not being able to make long-term proper planning for growing old, let alone a single month in advance. It is a horrible situation because there is simply no moral or legal excuse for this behavior — and forcing me to deal with Jean Pfann Up Close & Hostile, is  a no-exit proposition.  It’s not a good deal for anyone of sound mind and ethics.


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