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INTRO:(You will need to read, or scroll past this intro to get to the form). At the bottom I’m also pasting another DONATE button.

I am under economic siege from Jean Pfann, and keeping me without access to cash AND unable to maintain steady employment to produce enough to survive — is the business model, and there IS a desired outcome, which Jean cannot express in words because it’s illegal and immoral. It is the intent to take over another person’s assets, then life, and get rid of, first shutting down by segments, and then eventually, eliminating the physical life, keeping the leftover assets she is refusing to give me to live on. See blog title — it’s the truth!

See petition site “Overview” for how. You may not realize how much even single, small contributions: $10, $15, will help. I cannot beat this one single-handed (no one could).

I think I’ve stated the goals and my cause just fine.

This is a personal blog for a personal cause which I feel is a public matter because it involves public assistance, the public as witness, and my continually having to seek help public services I wouldn’t need without the private agenda.

To take the lid off the garbage can in this particular case (I call it, “clan” although “gang” would be a more accurate description), and see if there’s enough public outrage to restore at least SOME of my faith in humanity.

To see if anyone ELSE can get their sick-in-the-head-and-heart relatives to drop the greed, and return to “live and let live” (a love-based not a hate/fear-based way of life).

I’ve read enough governmental financial statements to understand there’s plenty to go around, but assets and income are being stored “off-site.”

I found, we are not getting proper help from public authorities (ALL institutions, ANY institutions, including courts, law enforcement, social service agencies) because the system has been set up to attract those who know how to profit from forcing people onto welfare, and most of the public is ignorant of the economic picture (other than as portrayed in mainstream media).

Just as with Jean Pfann here, insisting on hoarding resources ALLEGEDLY for my benefit and then telling me to tighten my belt, there’s not enough for me to:  eat, keep phone etc. on, and have basic human needs met (which in this case is a complete lie), the governments at all levels also do this to the public.

So we have to re-evaluate our fiscal relationship with government, but haven’t been given the tools to do so, i.e., reading those statements and coming to a sound conclusion about them.

For those who do read, and do know they’re been robbed, the systems (and infrastructure) of control are already set up to lock them up, terrorize them, or institutionalize them (or an immediate family member).

The key is control of assets to sustain oneself while attacking someone else. The  key is HOW people are forced into economic dependency.  The key also includes starting fights where one didn’t exist, or joining in an existing one and paying off one side to win, then getting rid of the winning side afterwards.  For example, hostage-taking of immediate relatives (children, or elderly parent, or both), as allowed by different sectors of government:  courts, district attorneys, police.  The entire local community then becomes a literal war zone around any targeted person, or profiled group of people.

Rounds 1, 2, and 3 of standing up to in-home, in-family (of origin), abuse:

When I left the first round of abuse, I was NOT up for round 2, however our legal system (family courts) facilitates this.  THAT’s how my children grew up, Rounds 1 & 2..  Now, for the Pfann/Morgan/Englund/(& certain others not named here)  crowd, this IS “round 3.”  I have no question, seeing my sister’s behavior, it’s intended to be the knockout round.  I don’t intend to get knocked out, but that’s the mentality. But the visceral antagonism between Jean and myself, based on these past two rounds (about a decade each), plus truly despicable behavior (i.e. forcing me to resort to food stamps, while squatting on funds and many other forms of cruel and inhumane practices, small and large) does wear anyone down.


ALONG THOSE LINES: If anyone who has (or has not — and you must choose) read my petition, wants to add something helpful (not sarcastic, sociopathic, hostile, or bitter) to this situation* here’s a form. I’m also a self-taught blogger and haven’t figured out html to post results. If you have a link telling me how, feel free to include it. Thanks in advance.

FY: I  I am innocent of any crimes, have not been accused of any so far as I know, am not on drugs or a substance abuser, have not been accused of child abuse.  I am simply one woman seeking to get into a place where the future is brighter away from one leading to an early death, or prolonged life of begging for mercy (or spending my days seeking intervention, as now) from my sister.  

I need help with this not because of multiple character defects but because of who’s been involved all along here. Jean Pfann doesn’t want it shown what she has done, is doing, and apparently intends to continue doing until stopped.

My character has been smeared for years around these matters.

In part because no one wants to believe how our local institutions (social, courts, social services, justice system, etc.) actually work, where minor children are involved. It is assumed anyone who talks like me, has some education, can always “just go get a job,” when in fact, I’m dealing with a family system who’s expert at eliminating jobs (and even one profession) I already had.  The point of no return in that charade was about eight years ago; each success is met with increased retaliation, sometimes violent, from this source.  SOME day the whole story will be out.

I want it known, and I want it stopped.  I also have a sense of what government will or won’t bother to do [“What’s in it for US?” is the mindset] without an incentive to do so.  That’s where the public (and media) comes in. Public, INFORMED opinion is more powerful than we realize.  FYI, next step is mainstream media, and pretty quick here.  I’m NOT giving up on this issue! Not being a mother and not after what I went through 1992-2014 collective.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Donations = for Survival, until I can Access Funds in my Name, Move Away, and safely, this time, Reboot My Work life. Until, I Hope, Jean Pfann Hears the Petition.

Any one who can’t Donate, CAN still: sign, Tweet, Post the petition link to Your Facebook, Your Blog, tell (email) a Friend, tell a stranger, tell your mother, tell your brother: Sign Victoria Englund’s Petition!. The clock is ticking fast on this urgent petition. There has been retaliation already. Thank you!

*If you want to keep those categories in circulation, (a) do nothing for this cause and (b) go do your own blog, etc.


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