@ May 15th, 2014 Thursday

This Blue Jay picture is reminds me of taking flight and being free

This blog is for a landing page from my Public Petition, while continuing fight for for freedom from my sister’s control = for survival.

So I can spend more time promoting the petition, contacting people for help, and basic day-to-day survival.

Look for a link to here from the Petition site today (as I’ve been promising — but wanted this site in some reasonable order first).



This past week:   I continued to set up this blog before linking it to the petition.  There is a Submit Feedback Page, and I added a  short”Petition” page, with the text of it and a brief intro, and some gadgets to follow, promote or understand this better, in the Sidebar. There was also a technical issue or two, and I put up the “Donate” link which will be at the bottom of all updates.

I put time into it to free up time later.  Don’t let how much is up here fool you as to what the situation is like on the street level!  

To live a situation, attempt to resolve it, and document it at the same time is too much.  These are fast updates — but they are not clean and neat.  This post is 1,600+ words and got into expression below the Updates:


UPDATES:  Last 5 Days:

Petition signatures are stable for two days at 52 people (many high-quality signatures).

Status-Quo, Economic Siege Continues.  Jean has not distributed, will not give an account for strange things happening on the account and possibly intends to have May repeat April.  


Survival Situation:  No help ($0.00) received so far in May (first 15 days).  Rent was paid directly and I have been threatened with eviction unless I agree to increased rent.  (see last update).  A friend sent me $15.00 (all he could spare and all I had) that Sunday.

Wednesday May 13th — I  invoiced Jean.  I wrote a single-page INVOICE under my name to the account IN my name, “payable on receipt” for a reasonable amount.  I’m putting it here (the amount is NOYB, and of course the name of any account). I cc’d this to individuals people who are watching my case, including at least one who helped me survive previous months.

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